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Name: Erin
Age: 20
Email/IM/Whatever: xdragon childex on AIM

IC Info

Full Name: Anastasia Rogala
Nickname(s): Stacey
Age: 16
Year: Sophomore

Canon: A Goofy Movie
Counterpart: Stacey

Brief History: Stacey is a lot of things. She's in the gifted program, a total chatterbox, kind of a valley girl and a hippie all rolled into one, with glasses, braces, and a vintage store/costume shop fashion sense. But, for all her eccentricities, she's pretty popular. She comes from a wealthy family, which is always a plus on the popularity scale, and has a bigger house than is practical, so naturally, when her parents aren’t using it for art showings, Stacey’s been well-known to throw parties, and more often than not extends the invite to just about everyone. What better way to foster community, right? She’s also on the student council, which puts her in a position of influence if nothing else, and she likes to think she’s earned her spot there.

Short Writing Sample: It was halfway through math class – specifically, halfway through a test – and Stacey was already nearly done. She scribbled furiously down the paper, showing her work in every margin she could find, and occasionally correcting her writing or striking it out. Generally the rule of thumb was not to use ink when doing math, but as teachers over the years had learned, Stacey’s work was all over the place to begin with, and for her to use a pencil – fast, and smudged from being left-handed – just made it a nightmare to read for all involved, so nobody really said anything anymore.

As it were, her grades were good anyway, and especially with this test, she was on a roll! Writing in the last answer, Stacey turned her test over, then looked at her watch. This was a new record – she still had twenty minutes! Well, there was no point in wasting time, and her mind was always working in double time. She had a lot of planning to do if she was going to throw this pay-per-view party. She’d already thought of a theme, and had three pages of notes and doodles in her notebook to prove it. And when there was a theme, there was a reason to go all out and get into the mood of it all - otherwise, what kind of host was she? So, putting her pen to the back of her test, she started jotting down costume ideas…


Stacey Rogala

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